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April 2016

From the President

My flight is booked. My room is reserved. NAPO 2016 Conference and Expo in Atlanta is in 3 weeks and I can’t wait! If you haven’t booked your room yet, the special conference rate expires on April 27. On the evening of Friday, May 20, NAPO President Ellen Faye is hosting a President's Reception for all attendees with a black & white theme. How fun! Immediately following the reception, let me buy you a drink at the hotel bar (details to follow shortly!).

But before NAPO’s expo, don’t forget NAPO-NY is having its very own product and services fair at our meeting on Monday, May 2. We will have lots of vendors attending, including brands like Smead, Poppin, and Bagallini in addition to our corporate associate members. Please come and support these amazing vendors and corporate associate members.

See you soon!

Collette Shine, NAPO-NY President

Meetings and Events

May Chapter Meeting: Product and Services Fair
Monday, May 2, 6 - 8:30 p.m.
Cicatelli Associates, 505 Eighth Avenue at 35th Street, 20th floor

Attendees will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with over 25 vendors and learn about their innovative ideas, services, and hot new products. There will be snacks, swag, and a mega raffle! 
Vendors include:

  • Smead
  • Poppin
  • Voot Boot
  • Rebagg
  • Bagallini
  • Shelf Genie
  • Juliette Laundry
  • and more!

April Meeting Recap: Ask the Experts: Movers and Junk Removal Companies
The service spotlight this month was on Touching Hearts at Home, a non-medical home care service that assists adults, seniors, and those affected by disabilities that come with aging. They offer care for those whose family is not in contact regularly or in close proximity. Services start at $25 per hour. For more information, contact Craig Sendach at

This month’s program was a panel on moving and storage, featuring our corporate associate members Lon Epstein of Junkluggers, Vincent McDade of Upstairs Downstairs Moving, Jacob Morris of Morris Moving, Jim Rueda of Moving Right Along Moving & Storage, and Nir Shuminer of Scanio Moving and Storage. The full meeting minutes can be found in the Document Library, accessed from the Members Only menu on the NAPO-NY website. (You must be logged in for Members Only access.)

Welcome New Members

Alice Markinson
Dana Shore

Corporate Associate Members:

Stephanie Brooks, Box&Co
Ruchi Pinniger, RP Business Advisors


Member Media Mentions

Katie McCann was featured in the “Career Change Spotlight Series” on Jill Ozovek’s career change coaching website.

Lindsay McLoughlin wrote “Be an Organized Bookworm” on Yoffie Life.

Linda Samuels was featured in Erin Rooney Doland’s new book, Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter, and Alison Stewart’s new book, Junk: Digging Through America’s Love Affair with Stuff. She was also interviewed by John Hunt for Smead’s Keeping You Organized podcast series, on “Five Ideas for Figuring Out Your Next Step.”

Tova Weinstock was featured in the videos “Tidy Tova on How to Organize a Messy Desk” and “Organize Your Beauty Products with Tidy Tova’s Simple Tips” on Glamour. She was also featured in “A Spring Cleaning Primer for Your Desk” on Ivanka Trump’s blog, “How to Clean Your Closet Like a Pro” on Man Repeller, and wrote “How to Deal with a Dead One’s Belongings” on Refinery 29.

Amanda Wiss was a featured speaker at the event NYC Parenting Hacks.

Lisa Zaslow was featured in “9 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Email” on Fast Company.

Volunteer Opportunities

The spotlight this month is on the AV Tech Assistant, who sets up the microphone and speakers in the meeting room at the beginning of each chapter meeting. This position is held by two people, so you wouldn’t have to be present at every meeting. Don’t worry, you will be thoroughly trained!

This is a great position for someone who doesn’t have much time to volunteer but who comes frequently to chapter meetings.

To learn more about this position, please contact NAPO-NY’s Volunteer Coordinator, Sharon Lowenheim.

Hanging Out With: Fay Wolf, author of New Order

After reading Julie Morgenstern’s “Organizing from the Inside Out” last quarter, several members of the NAPO-NY Book Club requested a book with a more “laid-back” approach to organizing. That’s certainly what we got with our book for April, Fay Wolf’s “New Order!” Most members loved Wolf’s playful, straightforward, and even dumbed-down approach to organizing that inspires the reader to just get started. One member commented that the book was exactly what she would write if she were going to write a book. However, another reader found the author’s tone and language smart-alecky and off-putting, and thought the use of profanity was inappropriate in a self-help book. Clearly, “New Order” is not for everyone, but it could definitely appeal to readers who have trouble relating to more traditional organizing books.

We had the exciting opportunity to chat with Wolf over Skype at our book club meeting, thanks to member Isabelle Dervaux’s willingness to reach out to the author online. A great reminder that you never know what you can get until you ask! Wolf was extremely gracious, down-to-earth, and happy to talk with other organizers!

The first thing we wanted to know was how Wolf had come to write the book in the first place. It was an organic process: a publisher first contacted her after seeing some organizing videos she’d done for Apartment Therapy. (The Apartment Therapy gig came about serendipitously: Wolf was recruited by a woman that she’d worked with on a music video shoot!) Around the same time that the publisher reached out, Wolf had presented a workshop on organizing for creative types, in which she combined talking about conquering your inner clutter (emotional/pyschological) alongside your physical clutter, and how this can help you to follow your passion - whatever it is that you want to do. With this concept in mind, Wolf worked on a book proposal from 2012 to 2014, but didn’t have enough momentum to complete it until a second publisher contacted her. Ultimately, neither of the publishers ended up being the one she went with, but their encouragement helped the process along.

We were also curious to learn how Wolf organized her thoughts while writing the book. She pointed out that a book proposal requires a detailed outline and at least one or two sample chapters, so by the time she sat down to write the book, she already had the basic structure in place. She used the app Evernote to organize her work while she was writing the book - creating a stack within the app for the book, and a notebook for each chapter. She also kept supplementary information in Evernote, such as lists of stores she could speak at and people she could ask to tweet about the book after it was published.

As small business owners, we asked how Wolf kept her income flowing while she wrote the book. She shared her strategy: she split the days of the week between writing and working with clients (at the time, she had several long-term clients, so she didn’t need to spend time searching for clients while she was writing).

Wolf also shared her tips for finding clients - as many NAPO-NYers have found, word of mouth is usually the most effective method! She mentioned that when she was starting out, she was lucky to have friends who worked on TV shows and were able to spread the word of her business to their coworkers. She also recommends taking on speaking engagements as much as possible.

The NAPO-NY Book Club meets four times per year to discuss organizing-related books. The next meeting will be held in July - exact date and time TBD. Contact Mary Reed if you have any questions regarding the book club, or suggestions for future books!


Lidia Doura’s last name was misspelled in the March issue of this newsletter. We would like to sincerely apologize for this oversight! Lidia, thanks again for sharing your wonderful insights on social media with us! If anyone missed the article, past issues of the newsletter are available to view on the NAPO-NY website under the Resources menu (you do not need to be logged in to view the newsletter).