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Congratulations on taking your first step toward getting organized! We are pleased that you recognize the value of hiring a NAPO-NY Professional Organizer, and wish you solid success in attaining your organizing goals. NAPO-NY has an automated referral system for your convenience. It is provided as a service to those seeking the assistance of a Professional Organizer. If you are looking for an Organizer outside the tri-state area contact NAPO or a NAPO chapter for a referral to an organizer in your area.

This referral system is a benefit of membership in our chapter as well as a service to members of the public seeking to hire a Professional Organizer. Members of the press or those seeking an Organizer for some other purpose should email

Each Organizer sets her/his own fees and policies. A referral in no way implies endorsement of the services or products provided. NAPO-NY is not liable for the performance of any professional you choose to hire. Your use of the automated referral system constitutes an acknowledgment that you have read and understand these terms.

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