About Professional Organizers

Professional organizers come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Some professional organizers offer a wide range of services, while others limit their practices to a specialized niche. For example, some organizers work with businesses, some work solely in the residential arena; some focus on creating custom filing or closet systems; others may specialize in preparing for moves or organizing collections and memorabilia. There are professional organizers who specialize in working with clients who are chronically disorganized or have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). The clearer you can be about your specific requirements, the easier it will be to select a professional organizer whose expertise is a good match for your needs.

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Professional organizers offer focus and support, and introduce basic principles of organizing, while teaching and demonstrating the skills to help you get and stay organized. An organized environment increases your productivity, reduces stress, and creates peace of mind. Professional organizers are trained to create solutions that work for your space and your life. To get started, search the directory of NAPO-NY members, or use our referral system now.