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NAPO-NY Board of Directors



Collette Shine

Collette Shine founded Organize and Shine, LLC after joining NAPO-NY in 2008. A strong believer in volunteering and education, Collette started volunteering as webinar chair.  She soon moved to the NAPO-NY Board as Professional Development Director, a position she held for four years. 
Currently serving her second year as President of the chapter, Collette looks forward to continuing to bring her energy and excitement to NAPO.  She is committed to strengthening NAPO's community of professional organizers and trusted colleagues in a professional yet supportive way as well as supporting the NAPO-NY Board.
Collette specializes in residential organizing and especially enjoys working with photographs and photo projects.
Collette has an undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and a MBA from Fordham University.
In addition to being a member of NAPO, Collette is a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).

Vice President

Alyssa Younger

Alyssa Younger, President of Master Plan Organizers, has been organizing New York residents and businesses since 2004. She not only helps individuals get organized in their homes and businesses but she also teaches time management and goal setting skills. She has served at the chapter’s Membership Director since 2007 and received her certification as a Certified Professional Organizer that same year.

Alyssa is also a member of the Institute of Chronic Disorganization. She uses many of these skills when working with her clients who struggle to manage extraordinary circumstances such as Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys traveling to other countries where she often volunteers her time to those in need and enjoys sharing her organizing skills.


Erin Eggers Hayes

Hailing from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, Erin Hayes has been an organizer since she was 9 years old. She would move from room to room of her family's home, purging and defining spaces. Little did she know that a whole industry existed to feed her addiction. Now a professional organizer and busy growing her own business, she also spends time collaborating with and assisting fellow organizers in various projects around the city. "I love getting to know people by learning what they cherish most. People's needs and spaces vary, but no matter how much room we find, everyone is happy when everything has a home."

"I am honored and excited to serve as NAPO-NY secretary."


Lydia Thomas, Power Thru the Clutter, LLC

Throughout her corporate career, Lydia set up executive offices, organized and maintained meeting and travel schedules, oversaw the management systems for a sales team that represented 80% of the corporation's business and developed marketing strategies for their largest clients.  In subsequent years, Lydia earned her Masters degree in Education Science specializing in Learning Disabilities while teaching children with special needs in after-school programs. While working for a large, private not-for-profit organization in Manhattan, Lydia was the manager of volunteers where she recruited, trained and developed the program content.  Most recently, she was the director of a department in the same not-for-profit organization, managing numerous events concurrently to maximize fundraising potential.

Lydia is on the Boards of two other not-for-profit organizations with interests in the natural world and protecting the urban environment. She serves as Treasurer on one and Secretary on the other. She has a willingness to learn new methods, experiment with new ideas and to see situations from several perspectives. Even though she seeks organizational bliss for her clients, a little chaos in the process can yield unexpected successes.

Lydia served on the NAPO-NY board as Director-at-Large during the 2015-2016 term and would like to continue to contribute to the organization by learning different board responsibilities and bringing ideas to the discussion. A member of NAPO and NAPO-NY since 2013, she served as GO-Month Committee Chair in 2014 and 2015.

Director of Professional Development

Klara Carames

Klarify Co. was founded by Klara Carames in 2006. Prior to founding Klarify Co., Klara worked at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for 8 years as the executive assistant to the president. The Brooklyn Chamber, the largest chamber in New York City. Due to her strong organizing and multi-tasking skills, during her tenure at the Chamber, Klara also took on the roles of office manager, human resources administrator and coordinator for special events. Prior to working at the Brooklyn Chamber, Klara was a circulation director at Simmons-Boardman Publishing. She handled the circulation, with a staff that she managed in New York City and Omaha, Nebraska, 4 railroad magazines, a banking magazine and a marine magazine.

Klara's business includes working with busy executives and individuals experiencing personal transitions such as the death of a loved one or divorce. Klarify's professional organizing service and daily money management develops customized systems to efficiently handle digital and paper clutter, and space congestion in homes and offices. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, the Association of Daily Money Managers and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Though born in New York City, Klara grew up in Mexico City. When she was 12 the family moved to Michigan. She attended Oakland University and received a BA in Journalism. Klara lives in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn with her husband, 15-year old son, 1 dog and 2 cats.

Director of Membership

Lisa Engstrom, LIFE MADE EASIER Organizing Solutions

A former Human Resources Director, Lisa focused on helping business leaders achieve their goals by ensuring the right people received the right support to maximize their potential. With a passion for understanding how to make organizations and their people successful, she looks forward to applying her skills to help NAPO and our members achieve their goals.

As First Step Coordinator for three years, she had the pleasure of meeting many new members as they volunteered for workshops and sorting events. Lisa has enjoyed getting to know them and learning about their for motivations for joining NAPO. "I would love to apply the perspectives I have gained to benefit the broader membership in hopes of ensuring all of our members have a fulfilling experience with NAPO-NY."

Director of Communications & Technology

David Saphier, David's Tech Concierge

David is the Founder of David's Tech Concierge and Triton Technologies, a software development firm. He has worked on many teams, in business and as a volunteer, as a positive, constructive contributor. He is a Volunteer Advocate with Crime Victims Treatment Center, an advocacy and treatment group for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. He serves as a Co-op Board member, and has formed a neighborhood advocacy group to save neighborhood schools on the UWS.

As a Corporate Associate Member of NAPO NY, David finds it to be an incredibly supportive and well run group. "I would like to contribute in a constructive way."

Director of Marketing

Cyndi Shattuck, Cyndi Shattuck Archiving

Cyndi worked as an Art Director and Creative Director for 10 years, first at the "Philadelphia Weekly" and then at "The Wall Street Journal", and and Barrons Online. She conceived, art directed and created original info graphics, illustration and photography for print and web at all publications. She has worked in 4 different time zones in a single day and spent a decade trying to "sell" stories to readers and help them understand the news in a clear and interesting way. She worked with some of the top journalists in the world writing headlines, captions, doing research, designing graphics and editing copy late into the night, managing up to 12 people at a time in 2 different time zones! Cyndi was a contributing member of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the terrorist attacks in 2001.

Cyndi deeply believes that what we do at NAPO is so important. She has seen the dark side of human nature up close as a journalist and knows that any bit of relief, space, empathy and help we can provide in the world is so essential. She has been honored to be part of an organization that is so supportive of these ideals, working alongside so many professionals who have built and are building wonderful businesses.

Cyndi managed the NAPO-NY Business Resources list, helping to add more categories, add more content and verify existing content. She has also managed the NAPO-NY Google Group since it started a few years ago. She is dedicated to NAPO-NY and loves the community and feels this is a position she could naturally help with, using her background in writing and journalism.

Associate Member Director

Lon Epstein, The Junkluggers

Lon's overall ability to connect and engage with others is one attribute that makes him more than qualified for this position. He is extremely personable, adaptive, innovative, forward thinking and above all always open to new ideas. "Questioning the norm is something I often find myself doing because in anything, there's ways to improve and add more value. This is something I do on a daily basis in not just business but also life, how can we improve?"

Lon would like to get more involved and use his knowledge and experiences to add value in building the CAM's group-- keeping contact information updated, helping to increase the variety of solutions for professional organizers to leverage and recommend to their clients, and also helping to act as a resource; a go to.

"I've built great business relationships and more importantly friendships that will last a long time. Everyone's been so welcoming and open to having discussions. I never would have thought this group would play such a vital role in The Junkluggers business. Since joining as a Corporate Associate Member, NAPO-NY has been an instrumental part of our success and that's well before I was involved."