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Organizers for the Greatest City in the World

Welcome to NAPO-NY, the New York Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. We're proud to serve the diverse communities of the tri-state area. Members of NAPO-NY belong to a local and national network of organizing and productivity specialists with valuable resources to share. Read more about what a NAPO-NY Organizer can do for you!

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With 100+ members, NAPO-NY has the professional to help, no matter what organizing or productivity challenges you face. Our members provide ideas, information, structure, and systems to help you gain control over your time, space, and activities.

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Whether you are curious about the profession or a seasoned veteran ready to join like-minded professionals, there is no better place to learn, network, and grow as an organizing and productivity professional.

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Corporate Associate Members (CAMs) are local affiliated businesses such as moving companies, home repair companies, house cleaners, appraisers and more. They provide the resources that professional organizers and their clients frequently need.

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